December 7, 2012

Salsa With Sounds of the 70’s, Volumes 1-4

elWatusi @ 2:43 pm

Produced by Salsa Son Timba Producciones, the popular Salsa With Sounds of the 70’s series now totals four volumes…

Salsa with Sounds of The 70’s is a selection that seeks to collect some of the great tunes performed by the orchestras of the 70’s. Some guaguanc√≥, boogaloo, mambo, guajiras, pachanga and more from the golden age of salsa in New York, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and other countries, from the perspective of Dj Hecu.

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  1. The Son, the earl of the popular Cuban music, the Blues of Cuba is caused on the end of the 19th century in the Oriente, the region in the east of Cuba. An important city in this region is Santiago de Cuba, once the capital of Cuba. The traditional Son is played on the tres (guitar), marimbula (wooden box with metal plates) or contra-bas, bongo (two little drums) and claves (two short wooden sticks). Later joined the maracas and the trumpet. The claves gives a special rhythm. This rhythm forms the basic from almost popular Cuban dance music and the salsa from today. Big names in the traditional Son are Ignacio Pineiro, Miguel Matamores and Arsenio Rodriguez. The Son is an important manifestation of the culture of Cuba with their music, dance and poetry and is still very popular. In Santiago de Cuba, there still exist the “Casa de la Trova” where they still play the traditional Son through, for example, Quatro Patria. Another popular interpreter of the traditional Son, but with an extensive cast, is the group Sierra Maestra. The Son develops still. Artists like Alberto Alvarez and Isaac Delgado brings a more modern Son.

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